Links and Downloads

For your enjoyment, we've put together some cool things to look at or download. See us (or our robots) at work in our MRL Lab Movies. The more seriously minded download some software and/or sample data. Those with a thirst for more things robotic can browse just browse through some recommended links.

Some of our latest technologies are also available for sale from Independent Robotics Inc.

MRL Media

Note: The movies are in Apple QuickTime format. The clip runs 5 minutes, and is about 16 Meg in size. That means to view it, you need a QuickTime viewer or plugin from Apple Computer. It is freely available for Mac OS, Win 3.1 or Win 95/NT.

  • Robot Sensing: A two minute demo movie on mobile robotics and sensing.

    quicktime movie

  • Surface Detection Using Impact Sound: A tapper is used to gather information about a surface.

    quicktime movie

  • AAAI '97 Mobile Robot Competition: Here's a brief movie clip of the McGill's first place winning entry at the AAAI '97 mobile robot competition.

    quicktime movie

    We also have a movie of how things were going part way through the AAAI development effort. It shows the robots, some of the people, and explains more-or-less how things work.

    quicktime movie


Sample Data

  • Montreal Scale-Change Dataset: A dataset of images of various scenes in Montreal, exhibiting 1.5x - 6x changes in visual scale between images of a scene.


  • PGM Images of a Simple Scene: PGM images of a simple scene taken with a gantry robot from a set of viewpoints at 1cm intervals on a 30cm by 30cm grid.

    pgm images

  • PPM Images of MRL: PPM images of our lab taken with a mobile robot from a set of viewpoints at 20cm intervals on a 2m by 2m grid.

    ppm images

  • Raster Images of Curve Evolution: Two sets of raster images of curve evolution from the Visual Shape Analysis group.

    ras images

Recommended Browsing