Raghav Mehta


Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering (Sep. 2017 - July 2023)
Probabilistic Vision Group, McGill University

Thesis: “Integrating Bayesian Deep Learning Uncertainties in Medical Image Analysis.”, [preprint].
Courses: Fundamentals of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Statistical Computer Vision, Learning Representation

M.S. (Thesis), Electronics & Communication Engineering (Aug. 2014 - July 2017)
Medical Image Processing Group, IIIT-H

Thesis: “Population specific template construction and brain structure segmentation using deep learning methods.”, [link].
Courses: Digital Image Processing, Statistical Methods in AI, Medical Image Processing, Optimization Methods, Machine Learning

B.E., Electronics Engineering (Aug. 2010 - July 2014)
Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya Engineering College, Gujarat, India

Project: “Smart Washing Machine using Fuzzy Logic Control System”