About me

Anaglyph version of me.

I am a PhD student in the Vision Motor Research Lab at McGill University‘s department of  Electrical and Computer Engineering. My current work on stereoscopic computer vision is supervised by Prof. James J. Clark and was made possible thanks to support from Digital District.

Apart from my research background, I’m also a Linux enthusiast, Windows power-user, Android addicted and Mac occasional. I am interested by cross-platform development and OS related tweaks.

Contact info:
Centre for Intelligent Machines, McGill University
McConnell Eng. Building, office MC-407
3480 University
Montreal, H3A 0E9
Québec, Canada
jonathan AT cim.mcgill.ca
Digital District Canada
1711 St-Patrick
Montreal, H3K 3G9
Québec, Canada
Phone: 514 932 4191
Fax: 514 932 7277
jbouchard AT digitaldistrict-fx.com

Perceptual Importance of Image Defects in Stereography