Plenary Talks

A range of international speakers who have contributed significantly to different facets of Artificial Intelligence as well as Robotics will give plenary talks during the symposium.


Speaker Affiliation Topic
Jim Little University of British Columbia Pose, Transitions and Actions in Sports Video
Allan Dobbins University of Alabama at Birmingham Binocular Vision and Ocular Dominance Columns: A Functional Theory
Mehrsan Javan SPORTLOGiQ AI for Sports Analytics
Denis Poussart Laval University  Video testimonial
Bernard Roth Stanford University Designing Mechanisms Based on User’s Needs
Clement Gosselin Laval University Parallel Mechanisms: from fundamentals to physical human-robot interaction
Bahram Ravani University of California, Davis Robotic Design and Motion Planning: from Manufacturing & Robotics Surgery to Highway Applications
Paul Zsombor-Murray McGill University Geometry Seminars (GS) and Geometric Thinking: dedicated to Jorge Angeles
Frank Ferrie McGill University CIM and the Legacy of Martin Levine

Steven Zucker (Yale University) – Talk cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances


Frank Ferrie (McGill University) – Master of ceremonies