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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
ClimateNet: Bringing the power of Deep Learning to the climate community via open datasets and architectures Karthik Kashinath 2019-05-10
Team optimal decentralized control of major-minor agents with partial observations Mohammad Afshari 2019-05-10
A Network Game Framework for the Analysis of Socio-technical Systems Francesca Parise 2019-05-03
Optimal Planning and Control of Direct Current Lines in Power Systems Josh Taylor 2019-05-01
Scalable Symbolic Control Murat Arcak 2019-04-19
Variational Structures and Optimization Methods for Mean Field Game (MFG) Systems Levon Nurbekyan 2019-03-29
UAS Navigation and Control Fire and Water Applications Hugh H.T. Liu 2019-03-29
Stochastic Extremum Seeking and its Applications Shujun Liu 2019-02-15
Algebraic Geometry and Robotics - Recent Results and Applications Manfred L. Husty 2019-02-07
Fourier Approximation Methods for Nonlocal Mean-Field Games Levon Nurbekyan 2019-02-01
Graphon Systems and Control Working Group 2019 Peter E. Caines, Rinel Foguen, Shuang Gao, Minyi Huang, Shujun Liu 2019-01-11
Optimal Control with Noisy Time and Communicative Actions Andrew Lamperski 2018-12-07
Restricted Isometry, Low-Rank Matrix Recovery, and Power System State Estimation Richard Y. Zhang 2018-12-04
Thompson sampling in online decision-making Yi Ouyang 2018-12-03
Medical image segmentation: going beyond standard CNNs Christian Desrosiers 2018-11-23
Decentralized Control over Unreliable Communication Links Ashutosh Nayyar 2018-11-23
Common Knowledge and Dynamic Games of Asymmetric Information Ashutosh Nayyar 2018-11-22
Dissipative Systems - Convex Invertible Cones point of view Izchak Lewkowicz 2018-11-09
Simulators and solvers for fast (and maybe more accurate?) rigid body dynamics with frictional contact Kenny Erleben 2018-11-06
Reinforcement learning in exchangeable multi-agent systems Jayakumar Subramanian 2018-11-02