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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
Computer animation interfaces based on traditional artistic tools and concepts Martin Guay 2016-06-14
Simulation-guided Interactive Exploration of Functional Design Nobuyuki Umetani 2016-05-26
Diverse Particle Selection for Inference in Continuous Graphical Models Jason Pacheco 2016-05-25
Beyond Traditional Computer Vision Jean-Charles Bazin 2016-05-16
Coding Schemes For Limited Communication in Decentralized Resource Allocation Chinwendu Enyioha 2016-04-01
Visual Perception through Hyper Graphs Nikos Paragios 2016-03-23
An Optimal Control Framework for Flight Management Systems Luis Rodrigues 2016-03-18
On Estimation with Strategic Sensors Cedric Langbort 2016-03-11
Using Unlabelled 3D Motion Examples for Human Activity Understanding Ankur Gupta 2016-03-11
Convexity, Sparsity, Nullity and all Data Analysis Hamid Krim 2016-03-11
Fast, High Dynamic Range Light Field Processing for Pattern Recognition Scott McCloskey 2016-03-11
A Bayesian Framework for 4-D Segmentation of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Serial MRI of the Brain Colm Elliot 2016-03-07
Spatial Branch-and-Cut for Polynomial Optimization Chen Chen 2016-02-17
Novel Approaches to PMU-Based Dynamic Stability Monitoring in Power Systems Xiaozhe Wang 2016-02-05
Protected Interactive 3D graphics: Visual Quality and Perception Issues Guillaume Lavoué 2016-02-02
The fandom of the opera: How a centuries-old art form helped create the modern media world Mark Schubin 2016-01-21
Robust Engineering of Symmetries and Correlations on Quantum Networks Francesco Ticozzi, Assistant Professor 2016-01-15
On the Generation of Conditional Densities in Nonlinear Filtering for McKean-Vlasov Systems Nevroz Sen 2015-12-04
Epsilon Controllability of Nonlinear Systems on Polytopes Mohamed K. Helwa 2015-12-04