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Atomic Scale Computer Vision: Rapid Reconstruction of 3D Structure with Cryo-EM

Marcus Brubaker
York University

May 12, 2017 at  2:00 PM
McConnell Engineering Room 437

Computer vision is typically thought of in terms of optical images taken with traditional cameras. However, there exist many problems where the tools and techniques developed in computer vision can be used to great effect. One such problem is the analysis of images resulting from electron cryomicroscopy (cryo-EM) experiments. The tasks here are familiar to computer vision researchers but often come with unique challenges. This talk will introduce the problem of image analysis for cryo-EM with a particular focus on the 3D reconstruction of protein structure from large numbers of low-quality 2D images. The methods developed enable rapid and reliable 3D reconstruction from data and are beginning to be used by practitioners around the world.