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Pose Optimization of Serial Manipulators Using Knowledge of Their Velocity-Degenerate Configurations

Dr. Scott Nokleby < >
University of Victoria

May 28, 2003 at  11:30 AM
Zames Seminar Room - MC437

This talk investigates the utilization of velocity-degenerate (singular) configurations to optimize the pose of either non-redundant or redundant serial manipulators to sustain desired wrenches. An algorithm is developed that determines a desirable start point for the optimization of a serial manipulator's pose. The start-point algorithm (SPA) uses the knowledge of the velocity-degenerate configurations of a serial manipulator to determine a pose that would be best suitable to sustain a desired wrench. Example results will be presented. The example results will show that by using the SPA with the optimization routine, the resulting poses obtained require less effort from the actuators when compared to the poses obtained without using the SPA.